Monday, 11 July 2011


I was actually born in Doncaster but left when my parents divorced shortly before my seventh birthday.  My father still lives there and since he will be 86 in September I feel I cannot be in the area without visiting him and always do so.  My much loved aunt also lives there and she is 79 so I try to see her too.  We spent two nights staying at the guest accommodation (£5 a night for both of us) our housing association has just round the corner and so remained independent whilst enjoying seeing the relatives for an hour or two. 

We went into Donny on the bus and had a good mooch around the shops.  There was a wonderful photographic exhibition of "old" Doncaster displayed in the shopping mall and I had a lovely time identifying places I remember which have all been razed to the ground since the 1960's.   Donny looks very prosperous these days, people seem to be smarter, plenty of expensive cars on the road and a generally upbeat atmosphere.   I also bought myself a very pretty art deco sapphire and diamond ring from a pawnshop which was most reasonably priced.  I have decided that my holiday souvenirs will take the form of jewellery in the future - I get to enjoy it now and my grand-daughters will enjoy it when I die.

We returned home on the Wednesday having been away seventeen nights - Onslow was whinging for the last couple so I suspect I may be limited to a fortnight in the future!

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