Friday, 11 March 2011

Sausages and Ships

We are getting down to our last few days and only had two things left on the to do list.  One was Fort Rinella and the other a harbour cruise for which we have a Captain Morgan voucher.  So yesterday we got up, had a cooked breakfast and I packed up sandwiches and found drinks to make the journey out to Fort Rinella.  I wandered on to the balcony to hang a bit of laundry out to dry and discovered that the sun was beating down, the sky was blue and it looked like a glorious wind free day.  So we shoved the packed lunches in the fridge and went off to do a harbour cruise instead.  It was good, but I think on balance the Luzzu cruise we did a few weeks ago was better.  The Luzzu boats go up all the creeks and the Captain Morgan one only did about half the distance.  There are more warships in Grand Harbour, we saw two Indian and one Korean as well as Cumberland - they are obviously here to rescue nationals who have been working in Libya.

We came back to the flat and had our packed lunch and then I went wandering off to do some food shopping, probably the last we will need because we go home on Monday.  I bought some interesting looking sausages, very coarsely ground pork which looked as though they had spices dotted around.  The butcher told me that they were special Maltese sausages with pepper and "things" mixed in - his own secret recipe.  They were quite large so I asked for three and they weighed just over 400g, plenty for two greedy people.  I then went to the greengrocer for some potatoes and a cabbage but the cabbages were all huge and as I pondered about them the chap just chopped one in half, cut off the outer leaves and then weighed my portion.  Not a habit I am accustomed to in the wilds of Worcestershire.

The sausages were fabulous, porky, peppery, garlicky and quite salty with a very firm texture.  I made some onion gravy using a cup a soup and an onion and was quite impressed with it, an emergency gravy when camping or self catering which was very palatable.

We now have Saturday and Sunday left and only Fort Rinella to do before going home on Monday. 

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