Friday, 18 March 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, we had an uneventful journey home on Monday and I have nearly caught up with all the laundry.  I am going to make occasional postings here when not wandering though so that the blog remains active.

We came home to a new bathroom which had been fitted in our absence and it is absolutely fabulous.  Strictly speaking it is a shower room now, we have one of those walk in showers with a seat which can be lowered on one side to sit down whilst showering and grab rails to get in and out.  We don't actually need it yet but we think it is well to prepare now for a hopefully long time away when we do.  Neither of us has laid in a bath for years, we much prefer showers, so it has been done with only us in mind.  I have a copy of The Wilton Diptych in the bathroom and that has decided the colour scheme.  All the fittings are white (new modern lavatory and basin) and most of the tiles are too, there are a dozen or so tiles with a pattern of a three shades of blue in squares.  The floor is blue with golden speckles and whilst in Malta I bought a large Maltese Cross at Mdina Glass which is the same blue as the floor and has bits of gold in it. 

I feel like a top class interior designer!

However, the kitchen now looks shabby so I have surrounded myself with brochurs and graph paper!

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