Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Mountains

We hired a car for a few days and spent a day in the Troodos Mountains which was really lovely.  We drove over Mount Olympus to Kakopetria and there was plenty of snow up there.  There were children with sledges having a wonderful time zooming down the slopes and the ski lift was operational.  The roads have improved vastly and the driving was very easy.

Kakopetria is a really pretty village, much larger than I remember, with a river running through the middle.  We enjoyed a coffee sitting on an outside balcony watching the river run below us and seeing a waterfall at the far end.   Just as we were getting ready to leave the village the morning service finished and lots of families swarmed all over the street dressed in Sunday best.   For a large village the church looked huge, as though it would accommodate a couple of thousand worshippers.  There were several restaurants getting ready for lunch, one had dozens of chickens rotating on spits and another had a whole lamb turning and being brushed with oil using a rosemary branch as a brush.  The smells were incredible. 

We then drove over the western side of the mountains, hairpin bends and fabulous sights at every turn of the road.  We drove through the wine growing area but since it was Sunday all the tasting places were closed so I never got the chance to try different wines.  We came off the main road and headed for Kolossi since we wanted to see the castle again.  The cafe just outside the entrance to the castle looked a good spot for another drink so I ordered orange juice.  The waiter walked across to the orange grove by the side, picked a few oranges and squeezed them for me.  Quite possibly the freshest orange juice I have ever had.  He brought me a large separate glass filled with ice cubes so I could chill and dilute to my satisfaction, earning a rather large tip in the process.

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