Saturday, 26 February 2011


Onslow did a bit of research on the yacht with a helicopter (it is called the Samar) and apparently it is available for charter for up to twelve people and only costs half a million pounds a week.  It might be extra for food and stuff - unclear.  So my estimate that there are millions and millions of pounds worth of boats in the harbours around Malta is totally wrong.  There are multi billions and billions of pounds invested in floating mansions here.

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  1. Is it a case of sea fever for Bill? The Med is the place to see those yatchs??????? I was once in Monaco for the F1 and the harbour was full of the most expensive yatchs that then exisited, though even those have now been surpassed by the Russian multi billionaires and the oil sheiks (thogh the largest that weekend was from the Saudi Royal family, it had two helicopters on it and a security that beyond belief, I watched as they put anti-torpedo nets around it, I remember my daughter asking "what do you think they are trying to catch daddy" to which I replied, "I hope not what they are there for"

    Wonderful blog, it is bringing back many happy memories!